Rise and shine...

Hi everyone! I’m Martín Meléndez and I’m speaking on behalf of everyone at Cosmogonia. We are proud to announce BitUp, a side scrolling, exploration Hack-N'-Slash game in a Cubist-Impressionist world. A game kept hidden by its mythical creator, while its protagonist looks for answers.

I’m writing this just as we are wrapping up our first demo running on PS Vita hardware and cutting a small teaser with have prepared for the world to see. We are doing this in order show the game at the SCEA LatAm DevSummit 2014 event in Los Cabos, Mexico.

This is a very important day for everyone at the team, as this public announcement will be the culmination of many years of brainstorming, months of planning and building the studio, and 6 weeks of intense development. Hopes and dreams of many are being crystallised into this. 

Even though this is only a very, very small slice of the whole cake and there’s still an uphill climb ahead of us, having the opportunity to share the work we have being doing means a lot.

We will update this space with news and insight about the development process. We want BitUp to be built based on YOUR feedback. So check back regularly, OK?

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This is only the beginning. 

Thank you!