September Update

I am a prisoner. I’m a fugitive.
I am a Ronin. I am the destroyer.
But no one has ever told me
what it means to be a creator.
— Bit, the Ronin.

Hi everyone! Martin here. Here’s a little recap of what we’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks:

SCEA LatAm DevSummit 2014 was a success! Definitely the secret best gamedev event ever. The people, the setting, the talks, the meetings… An amazing experience overall. We are able to show the early demo to different publishers and members of the SCEA team and the response was very positive. We have ongoing conversation with publishers regarding our plans with BitUp, and  hopefully we will be able to share news soon. Thanks to everyone who make this event possible, and greetz fly out to all the LatAm devs who attended! 

Roy, Dorian, Gabriel, and me are going to be attending the EGS Developers 2014 at Mexico City. Not only that, but I’ll be giving a conference on what has been our experience building Cosmogonia from the ground up, what challenges we have been through, and a couple of tips for devs interested  in building their own company. Make sure you reach out if you’re around the event!

Juan Pedro delgado, our Narrative Designer, has been working on the foundations of BitUp’s universe and storyline. Over the course of development, we will be including quotes from the characters in some of our blogposts. 

Things are shaping up! We’ll keep you guys posted.