November Update

Hi everyone! Martin Here. We are still here! Although we haven't been able to upload as much content as we did a couple months ago, BitUp is still coming along. Thank you for you continuous support. We are working on a couple really interesting things and hopefully we will be able to share them with you in the near future.

Without further ado, let’s here it from Marlon, the newest member of the Cosmo team.

Hello everyone, I'm Marlon and is time to talk about a few upgrades we have been working on forthe Bitup universe.  

We want to create a lush, colourful and vibrating universe, in which the environment surround you. To avoid occluding Bit and the “lame codename enemies”,  we created a new shader that takes care of it, plus it gives a nice Matrix effect to the foreground objects. 

Also, we added a more dynamic camera! Now the camera has nice “follow” effect. This new camera allows to get a better view of the battlefield,  and helps you locate those hidden collectibles :)

And yep the shrine is a checkpoint.