March Update: We’re back!

An update is long overdue, don’t you think?

The past couple of months have been some of the most interesting regarding Cosmogonia’s growth as a company. Right around November last year, a very interesting set of events unfolded that kept the team busy in order to set to stage to bigger things.

Joining forces.

Big projects require big partnerships, and today we are proud to share two partnerships that have been brewing for a while: First, we are proud to announce that we have secured our first round of private funding!  This funding will allow us to focus our development efforts and strengthen the company. 

Also, we are  proud to announce that we are joining forces with our friends at Elevator Games! We are excited to work alongside the Elevator Games team, as we found in them a likeminded partner with experience who shared our company’s vision. We will go in depth about what this partnership entails on the coming weeks. 

Rebuilding Bit

Early feedback is something we actively look while developing BitUp. We have been showing our small tech demo to industry peers and potential partners, and the response has been really positive. This process allowed us to validate what’s working with our vision, and focus efforts on improving other areas. After collecting the feedback, we returned to the drawing board and we started to work on improving on what we built. 

Although we were happy with Bit’s first iteration, we still had some lingering doubts regarding his look. Mario Ruiz, our Art Director, explains:

After last iteration we had some doubts regarding Bit’s design. We have given Bit a more aggressive silhouette with strong angles and sharp edges, toning down its childlike appearance and helped us accentuate the Samurai look we were looking for. The redesign also improved the animation process. We found out in our early tests that the character’s silhouette required more positive and negative spaces. By making some of the armour elements more prominent and dividing large areas into smaller chunks, the animation and look improved significantly.
— Mario Ruiz, Art Director

We will be updating this space regularly with news and updates about BitUp’s development.

On behalf of the Cosmogonía team, thank you for your support!


PD. Contrary to the rumours that Mario has been spreading on the office, we will NOT be giving out Bloodborne copies to employees as perks.