The Motion Begins

Click on the animation to view a higher res .WebM version

Click on the animation to view a higher res .WebM version

Their armours are quite strong, as most blades can’t make a dent.It took me a while to realise my strikes had to be fierce and swift.
I have to make every hit count
— Bit

Hi everyone, Martin here. This week we are proud to share some of the progress we have been making regarding character animation. 

When we started brainstorming what we wanted to convey with the animation, one of the first things that came up was that we wanted to make strikes meaningful. While quick, machine-gun like strikes with little feedback are visually appealing, we felt they lacked substance. The more we explored the concept of making strikes meaningful the more appealing they became. “More Samurai Shodown, less Strider” we said. With that in mind, we started designing our animations.

Another key aspect of the animation design was Bit’s backstory. Alone, on the run, and always outnumbered, we wanted to reflect a certain savagery and uniqueness in it’s fightstyle, avoiding a “trained by the book” look. 

Regarding the animation process, Josh, our Character Animator explains:

Early in the process, Afro Samurai and Kill La Kill gave me a pretty flexible frame to start from. We also incorporated queues from short films and fighting games. Working with an armoured character provided an interesting challenge, particularly when setting up key poses.
— Josue Mancilla, Character Animator

As alway, we thank your continuous support. If you like what you see, please, share our content. We love getting feedback from you guys. Spread the word, we deeply appreciate it.

Over and out!