The World Through Bit’s Eyes

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Hi everyone! My name is Mario Ruiz and I’m charge of designing BitUp’s look and feel. 

I’ve always thought that pixel art and impressionism have a lot of similarities, but today I want to talk about one of those characteristics: using color in it’s purest state.

Georges-Pierre Seurat, one of the most renowned neo-impressionist painters, avoided labelling his work as pointillism in favor of Chromoluminarism: the separation of colors which interacted optically. With very fine strokes over the canvas, the colors would combine in the retina, bringing the painting alive at the spectator’s eyes. Pixel art works in a similar fashion:  with a limited palette and canvas size, pixel artist created some of the worlds we remember fondly.

Early BitUp Concept

With BitUp we always came back to the phrase “Picture Seurat painting Chrono Trigger’s worlds”. a pixel world seen though the eyes of the habitants of this world, alive and natural, but we didn’t want to constrain ourselves with the “rules” of pixel art. Our first explorations felt barren and limited, very far from the lush and vibrant look we wanted. I started experimenting by using triangles, shading, shifting vertices, and rotating shapes in order to find a more organic look and feel.

By using the logic of  Chromoluminarism we started painting faces with different shades and expressive color combinations in order to create a look reminiscent of pixel art, but with an organic soul. 

And that’s how the look and feel of BitUp was defined. I hope you like it as much as we do.

Mario R.