Modeling Bit (and enemies!)

Hi there!

I’m Adriana,  lead character artist for BitUp. This time the boys are away from the blog, so is my turn to speak about the process of creating the inhabitants of Bit’s world.  The process of creating a character for a videogame is a huge responsibility since characters have an important role in telling us the story of the world.

Before beginning any modeling, it’s important to analyse the concept provided by the art team and clear any doubts about the design in order to plan how to tackle the character model. After doing that, it’s time to start doing a blockout model to try to get the proportions and main shapes of the character. At this stage topology doesn’t really matter since it’s an exploration stage where the goal is to translate the concept to 3D the best possible way. For this I like using Zbrush since it’s easier to go start pushing and pulling shapes quickly, using Dynamesh if I need to change the shape more until I get a look I’m happy with. 

Since we are using a 3d pixel style for the game, I need to refine the model and get the hardsurfaces we are looking for. For this I create a Decimated version that I can send to Maya for the retopology pass of every piece of the model. Then I take back the repologized model to Zbrush in order to add the small details such as scratches and bumps of the armor of Bit. Once I’m happy with the sculpt I take it back to Maya in the lowest subdivision to prepare the final game model, some of the pieces may need some rework but it’s mostly removing the edge loops so it’s a quick process.

Once the modeling is done, we have the animation team do a quick check up to make sure the model will work with the range of motion they are looking for the character. Finally, it’s time to unwrap the UVs and texturing in Photoshop.

Thanks for reading, and keep checking regularly for more updates. We love hearing back from you.

Have a great weekend!