Animation fuelled by Idol Metal

Hey everyone! It’s Josué, and I’m in charge of the animation department, and today I have control over the blog. That means I can say whatever I want, and I’ll start by saying: “banana”.

Because there a tons of work left, I will show you briefly a sneak peak at one of BitUp’s enemies and their behaviour. Today, I’m proud to announce to the smallest of the bunch, bearing the codename “minion” (We are geniuses!)

The minion getting ready for a ground base attack

Even if this character is one of the most basic enemies in the game, I didn’t want it to come of as dumb. I wanted it to have a very freaky personality, something that would make you hate its guts. I watched many videos depicting monsters for reference, both in cinema and games, but I mainly ended up looking at the behaviour of Silent Hill’s enemies. That game me a clearer picture in terms of how I wanted the minion to feel like. In this case, the minion can either do a ground or aerial attack. By looking at the direction the sawblades come out, you can predict its movements and approach accordingly. The result is a frenzied enemy without much regard for its well being.

And its aerial attack variant

However, the secret sauce was discovering the most epic, magnetic, and awesome metal band ever…


Believe it or not, listening to Babymetal was indispensable to me to animate this particular enemy: something in the music clicked for me and fuelled the process, making it feel like I envisioned. So, thanks Babymetal! This enemy was somehow inspired by your music.

I’ll leave you guys with some of the animation cycles I prepared for the minion. As for me, I will get back to work on polishing some of Bit’s animation while listen to AC/DC. Have a great day, and don’t forget to eat your veggies!

Sincerely, and all yours.

Me (Josh).