Deadly Dance of Swords

It’s time for animation, blood, and suffering!!

I’ve returned from the shadows! Me, Josue, the animator, present to the world a brand new enemy in the BitUp universe! The mighty Swordman! (Yup, we still suck at naming work in progress items :P)

You have already met the Minion a couple moons ago, and you got a glimpse into the behaviour we want enemies to have. We don’t want moving cannon fodder, as we are making enemies have a purpose, a mission: put an end to Bit by any means necessary. 

By taking Dark Souls, my newest addiction, as a reference, I wanted the attacks to be “felt” by sight, so you can prevent the force of the impact and decide if you want to evade or block. By having good visual cues I expect players to have an window of opportunity into defeating them… although I hope they rip you apart :)

Enough for today! I won’t spend any more time with you mere mortals! I have and Archer to polish!

All yours, me.