Fresh Start

Yes, it's true, we are developing Bitup again, this project that we love so much in the studio and that we have struggled to push for years because we had our hands full with other projects. A couple of months ago we decided to give it a new opportunity (a better opportunity, I think) and now with a new scope, new mechanics, different technology and starting from scratch with a renewed team.

Although saying that we started from scratch is somewhat subjective because the code is totally new but, we also decided to keep a lot of the soul that we like so much about the project, however, we also remove things that we feel do not contribute enough to the project and we add things that we have not seen in other video games, something that we consider important to have and that motivates us even more to work to push this project.

We have less than two months of the new development and there is very little that we can show from the new version of the game, now I am dedicating myself to write the Bit (our main character) abilities that are the main priority and that even if they are mostly traditional mechanics of a platform game, we are also doing some fresh and interesting things in that regard.

We have not come to the part of polishing the control but, Bit already feels different, feels good and agile, interaction with the environment changed substantially in comparison with the earlier version of the game, and that is the main reason to create new and different controls for our main character, now we have mechanics with main focused on exploration and it is something that at the moment is turning out quite well.