Game design and Graphs!

Hey guys! Game Designer here! Name's Prakash Mandujano.

I'm here to talk to you about the current state of Bitup's game design.

The first thing we tackled this time was progression.

We had a bunch of stuff (like upgrades and the general direction of the game) already established from previous iterations, so the next big step for us was deciding it's genre.

Following what we knew about the game and direction we wanted Bitup to take, we decided it's going to be a Side-scroller Metroidvania with a simple (but really fun) twist. More on that later.

Now this decision comes with a bunch of challenges that we can't wait to tackle. We've already made a "dependency graph" (Mark Brown's style - from Game Maker's Toolkit - it's a neat idea where you put every unlockable in the game in an organized manner to help you easily map out the progression of the game) and are working on the general map of Bit's world.

The game as of now has a strong focus on exploration. We'd like to open good chunks of the map in a non-linear way, for the players to shape a bit their experience in the game, depending on what catches their attention, and where they want to go. We wanna let the players explore this world, get a bit lost, and find awesome places and upgrades along the way. We're aiming to reward the players for following their curiosity and sniffing out secrets all over the place.

There's so much more to talk about but in this early stage anything could change. Worry not, we'll make sure to keep you informed during the next months as we all discover together what Bitup has to offer!